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Case Study

AV Control System Embedment

Christian Church in a Commercial building

Approx. Size 3000 sq. ft

Existing Audio and Video Equipment:

  • Wireless Microphone

  • Digital Mixer*

  • Power Amplifier

  • Main Speaker

  • Foldback Speaker

  • Projector*

  • Motorized Projector Screen*

  • Monitor

  • LCD TV

  • Video Matrix*

  • Camera

  • HDMI Processor

  • HDMI Splitter

  • Stage Lighting Switch*

 *Managed by AV Control System​

This system has been designed and used in 2014. The existing operation of Audio, Video and Lighting equipment are in manual mode. Every start up and shut down require a series of step-by-step operation by pressing each of the power button manually. This system is somehow unfriendly for those users without proper training.

The current embedment of control system for the AV system utilized the internet of things (IoT) concept which the controllable equipment will be stay online under TCP/IP protocol for communication. The user can simply log into the UI to activate the system and run the pre-stored scene for easy system operation. 

Equipment Added:

  • TCP/IP to 4 x Serial Port Server

  • Power Sequencer

  • 8-ways Lighting Switch with Modbus protocol

  • Network Access Server (NAS)


Unlike other market available centralized AV control system, this Next generation AV control system utilizes general IT equipment which can be easily embedded to an existing system without using the designated equipment. This facilitates the upgrade of current system without making a huge change on the system itself which could minimize the upgrade cost.

Industrial Control System Embedment

Manufacturer of Testing Equipment

The testing equipment is manufactured with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI). Each machine has their own set of controller for desired testing procedures. The current configuration only allows the local access of test data and lacks of remote monitoring. 

In order to improve the user experience and testing efficiency, the below new features are required to add-on the existing models of testing machine.

  1. Remote control access of machine with tablet smart device and/or computer

  2. Centralized monitoring of testing machine status

  3. Cloud-based data management 

  4. Automatic test report generation and submission

The current upgrade retains the PLC and HMI control modules of the testing machines to minimize the time for redesign of hardware and software as the existing design has been used for years with good reliability. A TCP/IP data converter is added to the machine for data exchange with the server.

A software User Interface (UI) is developed for accessing the server for individual and bulk control and monitoring of testing machines. All the data  generated will be stored in a database (DB) for automatic test report generation and submission. This minimize the date processing time and enable the access of data all over the world through a security network.  


WhatsApp Image 2020-02-11 at
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-11 at

System Integration

Live Supervision System

Learning through video clip making a huge change in the way of education. In the training of interview, using a live supervision system can separate the learner from the interview room to minimize the interference. This system should be able to real-time broadcast the video and audio clearly to another room for education purpose.


The existing live supervision system employs a CCTV system contains two 400 TVL cameras with built-in microphone and a four-channels digital video recorder (DVR).  The customer reflects that the microphone cannot capture the voice during interview and the video quality is below nowadays standard. Moreover, the operation and record mode are also limited by the DVR which is not user-friendly.


Equipment Upgraded:

  • 1080i Zoom Lens CCTV x 2

  • HD Video Live Production Switch x 1

  • Video Signal Converter x 2

  • 20” HD Monitor x 1

  • Overhead Condenser Microphone x 1

  • 8 Channel Audio Mixer x 1

  • HD H.264 USB Recorder x 1


The newly designed system employs High Definition (HD) camera and video switch to provide up-to-dated image quality. The video switch and signal converters selected are in live production range to minimize the latency and prevent the delay of video and audio transmission. This high-ended equipment also actively corrected the video and audio timing to prevent the out of sync between video and audio. To enhance the audio quality, a theatre grade microphone and mixer are incorporated in the system to capture every silent word in the room. This system also allows the user to record the whole interview process by a USB memory device for easy playback and storage.  

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WhatsApp Image 2020-02-15 at 10.41.54 (1
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