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Next Generation AV Control System
  • All-in-one control system with wide range of functions not limited to power supply, lighting, video, audio, climate control......

  • True IoT solution making every little piece of equipment online

  • Web-based control system, freely access within the same network with any mobile devices

  • Highly adaptable to various server settings, compatible to different server environment including Linux, Mac and Windows

  • Ease of upgrade and suitable for most installed and newly installed AV system

  • Makes management easier with security and access control policy

Industrial Control System
  • Simplify every step for maximizing the existing equipment efficiency

  • Customized solutions for matching different scale of industrial plants

  • Cloud-base data management

  • Control room features for monitoring different manufacturer sites globally at the same time

System Integration
  • Review your existing system and suggest for the possible system optimization and renewal

  • Alter your existing system equipment and get ready for the IoT

  • Integrated solutions for both hardware and software

  • Develop user interface and Information Exchange System (IES) for better control and data processing

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